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Oct 13, 2010
When I first installed iOS 8 I had about 1gb free after the install. Now I have 50mb. I've updated a lot of apps, could they all be that much bigger?

Also I checked and it showed 50mb, left it for like 10 minutes then it showed 30mb, restarted and it shows 127mb. The heck is going on?

Anyone else noticing loss of space?


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Dec 15, 2003
Near Montréal, Canada
Same here. Free space on my iPad Air has decreased by about 1 gig since last Saturday. I thought it was crash report logs but they seem to have stopped since I applied the 8.0.2 update. My iPhone 6 Plus is also losing free space - there has been one jetsam log generated on that device since the weekend.


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Dec 8, 2012
same thing happened to me... i was gradually losing space that eventually reached 3 gigs...

I used iexplorer and found a 2.9gig .mp4 file that I have no idea what it is and how it got there since I performed clean install, deleted it and now I am ok.
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