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Sep 13, 2006
Now that it seems like Apple is retiring iPhoto for the new Photos app in iOS 8, we're left having to find new adds to take care of the editing capability we used to get from iPhoto.

I new the new iOS 8 Photos app allows for more adjustments and controls, but they seem limited compared to what iPhoto could do.

For example, can anyone post screenshots of the photo editing capability in iOS8? On apple's website there's a screenshot for standard highlight, shadows, contrast etc levelers, but there seems to be a dropdown for color. Can anyone post that?

In iPhoto, you have extensive white balance controls, for example. Can you do any of this with Photos in iOS 8? iPhoto allows you to set white balance but a series of presets (sunlight, overcast, flash, flourescent, underwater, etc) as well as set white balance to a whitepoint or skin town.

Further, you have the ability to use brushes to make specific adjustments to parts of your photo, I don't see this in the iOS 8 photos app anywhere.

I know we're now going to have to rely on other apps and extensions to get some of this capabiltiy back--are there apps out there that have such powerful white balance and brush controls? So far I haven't found any that fit the bill the way iPhoto has.

iPhoto changed the way I use my phone. It is a strong photo editing tool in your pocket I haven't found any other mobile alternative.

Interested in your thoughts on this.


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Sep 13, 2006
I am using best photo editing apps for my new iPhone that is Spiffy. It also has social media integration.

What does it offer that's unique? Checked it out on app store and seems at first glance to be a dime a dozen photo editing tool with filters etc.


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Oct 11, 2011
I do not see any white balance controls or brushes unfortunately. Apple seems to be getting out of this business and letting other developers take over. I am not sure what other apps can do the white balance.

Have you used Snapseed?


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