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    I recently upgraded my iPhone to iOS 8 and my Mac to 10.10 Yosemite. Now I am a little lost as to how I get my iPhone pictures onto my Mac without syncing manually.

    I have enabled the iCloud Photo Library on iPhone (which automatically disables the "My Photo Stream" option). How do I get the iCloud Photo Library on OS X without the new Photos app that was shown at WWDC. As I understand it that won't be available until early 2015?
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    I have Been trying to find this out from people running the betas.
    Do you use pages etc.? With the iWork apps if you now go to finder and icloud drive you would see a folder (for each iWork app) with all you icloud documents so you can manage (add/delete) them without having to open up the Application directly.
    I thought they do this for photos also, so once icloud photo library is turned on, you would see a folder in your icloud drive in finder where you could manage them without having to open up the actual app (no osx photo app yet anyway)
    If you turn on icloud photos library on your ios device you are not uploading the full size images (if photos are synced from mac, not pictures in your camera roll) The keynote said it would upload everything included synced pictures from mac.
    Also what happens if you drop photos into the icloud drive in finder, will you see them in the photo app on your ios device? Because if you do than it should work vice versa and you should see already uploaded pictures in a folder similar to iWork etc. I hope that's what apple does because there must be a way you can see your jpgs without being in the photos app.

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