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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by 960design, Jun 20, 2014.

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    Pre iOS8 I could tap the little microphone icon, speak and it would send a text with the words I spoke. I liked it a lot.

    Post iOS8, now the microphone actually sends a voice text ( the sound of my voice ) that deletes itself after a short while. I'm not really liking this. Mostly, because somehow it keeps activating and recording 10 minutes of me typing at work or mumbling about not being able to find a jacked up semi-colon somewhere. My girlfriend got 5 minutes of me singing to some Disney pop star while I was driving home, this is horrible. Luckily, my girlfriend survived and is recovering quite well.

    What I'm whining about is that I don't want my texts to become voice texts. It is very annoying to press a button and wait for someone to speak. You really know what I mean if you live in Texas. Some of you people, speak s o d a n g s l o w, I s w e a r I ' l l... you get the point. I can read a text in a second, listen to a voice text could take forever. This is like voice mail, but more annoying because it deletes itself, you may not be able to listen to it a second time.

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    Your using the wrong Mic button for Siri translation

    Your hitting the wrong button...
    in iOS 8 when using SMS, you can either type a message in the white rectangular box to the right of the camera icon, tap the Mic to the right of the rectangular message box to speak a message or tap into the message box and then select the mic icon in the keyboard as it's always been to dictate via Siri.

    Also if you tap the mic icon (right of the message box) speak your message while holding it down sliding up,when finished sends it off.
    You have an option to tap beneath the message sent by hitting the word "Keep" in blue. This keeps the message in your history of the particular chat until the whole message chat is deleted.

    Also I don't know how you guys are sending accidental voice messages, when you have to hold down the icon while speaking to send a voice message in the first place.
    If you only tap it a message pops up in the window statig "Tap and hold to record and send audio".

    If you hold the button down and speak or don't say anything, the message records and hangs open waiting for you to either slide up to send or tap the X to delete it instantly.

    So to send ten minute or even brief messages, you would have to hold the mic icon and say your message, then slide upwards to send it. There's not an automatic send as it is now.
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    Like VVS, I'm doing it wrong dummy! Thank you, not sure how I missed that. Now, at least I can send voice translated into a text message.

    Too right you are, I have no idea how I'm sending voice texts magically. If I knew it was recording, I'd stop it. It seems to happen after dropping it in my backpack or putting it facedown on my passenger seat. I do have the siri thingy turned on to respond when I put it up to my ear, so that I can speak right into it to set calendars, alarms, make calls, ect. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?
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    The voice messaging in iOS 8 has a similar raise to speak/listen ability like Siri. Generally you simply lock/turn off the screen before putting the phone somewhere which would avoid that. Aside from that there's a setting for voice messages in the Messages app as of iOS 8 beta 2 where you can enable/disable the raise to speak/listen part.

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