iOS 8, what do MOST users want?

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Jul 10, 2010
Now that the final release (probably) of iOS 7 is out, iOS 8 rumors may begin. We've heard about Healthbook, and public transit coming in Maps. But what do you think most users want? Whenever a main feature is being clamored for in the past, we've typically gotten it. Case in point, Copy & Paste, Multitasking, new look and feel, so on and so forth. So what do you think MOST people want?

I'd like to see the ability to set different default apps, such as Chrome as the default browser, and better communication between apps. But the normal users, I don't know what people expect. Ideas?


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Jun 7, 2011
1, f.lux
2, Windowed multitasking on iPads
3, more manual camera modes (even if only via the API)


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Jan 22, 2009
1. Improved keyboard (like in iOS 5 beta) just-like-android/

2. A way I can view my files without having to launch apps. I think a full-blown file system is too much but file-management sucks in iOS.

3. AirDrop to Macs

4. Insert more than photos/videos in e-mail after composing an email (I guess this is more/less related to a baby file-system).

5. Make Apple's music player be able to import songs from other apps. For example, if I have a song on my Amazon song that I bought, I'd like for iOS to import it into the Music app (so that I can summon Siri to play it). Currently, you if you want a song purchased out-side of iTunes, you need to use a computer with iTunes.

6. Gestures! (Multitasking without using the home-button AND go Home without using the Home-Button). There are jailbreaks for that but it would be nice to have it default in iOS 8.
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Jun 1, 2006
1. Ability to use third-party keyboards

2. Ability to set default apps

3. Ability to drag and drop pictures and music directly onto iPhone from computer

4. Access to file system to manage documents

5. Ability to attach files directly to email


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Aug 24, 2012
New York, USA

Definitely. Took me a while to het used to the screen after I unjailbroke my devices for iOS 7. I love using it on my computer.


Not really important but maybe gridlock like what android has.


notifcation icons (i.e. message, mail, reminder, now playing, etc) in status bar.

Yes, I remember a tweak when I jailbroke that does that. I forgot what it was called.

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