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Nov 9, 2010
As always, be sure to report any and all bugs to (a developer account is not required to do this).

iOS 9.3 beta 1

iOS 9.3 beta 1.1 and public beta 1

  • Cannot select Bluetooth device on call, or for any other AirPlay function.
  • Notes security does not work yet (for some).
  • Some apps may be stuck in installing/loading mode and not useable.
  • When swiping left to like a news article in News app, can get stuck in "remove like" mode even if you haven't liked it yet.
  • iPad Air's multitasking menu is dropping frames when you scroll through homescreen card, not a major issue though. It only occurs when there are active apps in the background, if you close recent two or so apps, everything is smooth again.
  • Sometimes after watching a video within News app, audio will continue playing after leaving the article and even coming back to the app again later
  • News app: When holding down a word to define it (not 3D To.uch) the app crashes
  • Animation in messages missing when tapping on Edit and then Cancel (the messages will just pop back).
  • Dark keyboard flashes when changing capitalization.
  • In Safari a black rectangle appears during fade out animation when you're in landscape favorite bookmarks view and tap outer area in order to close it.
  • Settings app preview turns blank in app switcher after using another app for 10 mins.
  • If an iPhone in landscape mode (sleep/wake button facing upwards) with keyboard on screen is turned for 180 degrees to alternative landscape mode, keyboard rotating animation executes in an opposite direction than other UI elements.
  • HomeKit - when sending invitation to someone to share my HomeKit devices and control, he receives the invitation, accept it, but the status is still invited and no feedback to my HomeKit that he accepted it. And he still has the notification in his setting for pending invitation though he accepted it. In short - HomeKit sharing does not work. (P.S. If both devices are on 9.3 dp1 - the HomeKit works fine )
  • App switcher on iPhone 5s sometimes displays small app icons.
  • Double tap to zoom in Safari for iPad (possibly just the Mini 4) does nothing.
  • Pressing Power button when on a Bluetooth call ends call.
  • Unable to add emergency contact to your Medical ID in Health app.
  • Apple Pencil does not scroll the home screen or within certain applications such as Mail or Safari.
Changes: (Compared to 9.2)
  • Blue Light Reduction.
  • Password-protected notes. Accessible with TouchID.
  • New 3D Touch shortcuts for stock apps.
  • Multi-user support for education.
  • New Classroom app for education.
  • Re-designed Health app.
  • iBooks for iCloud (Syncs all ePubs and PDFs through iCloud).
  • CarPlay: New for You in Music and Nearby functionality in Maps.
  • Multiple Apple Watch device support.
  • Siri support for Hebrew, Finnish, and Malay.
  • 3D Touch for setting now bring up options for setting wallpaper, Wi-Fi, battery, and Bluetooth.
  • Daily/Monthly Workout view added to Activity app.
  • Wallet has reduced brightness & icon to open companion app.
  • Wi-Fi Asisst displays exact data usage.
  • Slightly tweaked Cellular Data Options menu in Cellular settings.
  • Choose to Duplicate a Live Photo as a Still Photo when exporting from Photos app.
  • New ‘Duplicate’ action in Photos.
  • Home screen icons are farther from the top of the screen on 4.7 inch devices (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s). This change makes the home screen look more balanced.
  • Taptic Feedback when accessing multitasking via 3D Touch.
  • Music app displays song ratings by tapping album artwork.
  • Tapping on the song title in now playing view brings you to the album the playing song is on.
  • Music app: Small indictor for each song showing iTunes purchase popularity of the song like on iTunes Store
  • New Workout tab in Activity app -
  • Safari 9.1:
  • The "detective" emoji now can have his skin color adjusted
  • Using Apple Configurator, you can now hide stock apps.
  • When you have a photo in an album in Photos, previously if you hit the trash button it would only give you an option to remove it from the album, not delete it entirely. Now there are two options "remove from album" or "delete".
  • After locking orientation in a landscape mode, Control Center automatically closses and screen orientation changes to a portrait mode.
  • Music app: Music/iCloud Music Library now supports lyrics. Example: On Mac, add lyrics to a song, then on iPhone in Now Playing screen, tap the album artwork.

Performance Improvements:
  • 3D Touch Improvements on iPhone 6s. 3D Touch menus pop out at smooth 60 fps..
  • Control Center on iPhone 6 is less stuttery for most people but still stutters. On the iphone 5s it stutters initially before it's completely up. Remove your finger. But once it's up, it will not stutter.
  • 5S gets stuttering Notification Center. (Fixed after beta 1.1)
  • Control Center fixed on iPhone 5s after beta 1.1
  • iPad Air received a lot of performance tweaks to animation rendering. Multitasking menu is much smoother, Spotlight doesn't stutter anymore, Safari's keyboard popup no longer skips animation, opening and closing apps is smooth again.
  • News app refresh articles and performs much faster

6S Plus and iPad users try this for fun:
  • Go to homescreen and hold the phone in landscape mode. Swipe down to bring spotlight search with black landscape keyboard. Now flip the phone upside down and see the show. It cracks me up everytime. Keyboard loses the race all the time. But I could look at the animation for the whole day.

This is a wiki. Anyone can edit this post. But keep it short and concise and please do not post links to unofficial download sites.
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Nov 20, 2008
Ventura County
Yeah, but if you removed beta profile, you were able to download developer releases.
That was for Beta 2/3+, not Beta 1. DP 1 is not OTA, therefore, there is nothing on the OTA servers if you remove the beta profile to trick it. Once DP 2 is out, then that trick should work again.
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Jan 25, 2012


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Jul 3, 2011
3D Touch for multitasking has two haptic feedback responses.

iPhone 6s Plus 'lag' has been alleviated, faster all around

Password protected notes and flux like controls in Brightness settings.


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Jul 5, 2013

whoa that's great, do you know if you can adjust the cool or warm screen temperature independetly of nightshift? in other words, can it be used to make your screen temperature cooler all the time instead of adjusting it for warmer at night?
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Nov 20, 2008
Ventura County
Does it allow you to change the temp and leave it permanently? I need to make my display a little cooler. Its a tad too warm for my taste.

whoa that's great, do you know if you can adjust the cool or warm screen temperature independetly of nightshift? in other words, can it be used to make your screen temperature cooler all the time instead of adjusting it for warmer at night?

Beat me by a second.
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