ios 9.3.X with ipad air 1?

Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by new2tech, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Sep 4, 2016
    Hi guys,

    First time poster but long time lurker here and Iam wondering should i install ios 9.3.5 to my ipad air 1. I use my ipad mainly on consuming media and reading pdf documents and browsing the web. Some of my apps need to be upgraded to the newest version in order to use them, but iam running ios 7.1.2. on my ipad and iam not sure should i upgrade to ios 9.3.5. I would really appreciate any feedback of ipad air 1 users who had updated to some of ios 9.3.x versions. How is your current experience with your device? Do you find any lag or stutter or does your ipad work well with newer versions of the ios 9.3. and how is the batterylife?

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    I'm running 9.3.5 on my Air 1. No issues at all. But I don't obsess over battery life, and I "Reduce Motion" on all my iDevices as a rule.
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    I have 2 Ipad mini 2's in my household with pretty similar internals that were on 7.1.2. I was very reluctant to upgrade them for the fear of lag. But my kids pushed me because of some apps that needed a newer iOS version. So I did. And my fears were absolutely unfunded. IOS 9.3.5 works great on both the mini's. No lags or stutters at all. In fact it feels even better than 7.1.2 that gave me some crashes while browsing. Haven't experienced that once with 9.3.5 and it's just as smooth. I'd say go for it. Keeping my 3 on 7.1.2 though.
    Good luck!
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    Besides the kids pushing me, I also took in consideration that an upgrade to iOS 10 might - and I stress might - be a stretch, so it was now or never. I skipped iOS 8 because of all the reported bugs.

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