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Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by JCA90, Aug 5, 2015.

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    Hey guys, there is a really cool feature now in iOS 9, I'm sure many of you have encountered, where let's say an app you are in wants to open a link to another app, in my case, when watching a video, Safari or Chrome will say "Chrome/Safari would like to open the YouTube app" and you have the option to open, or cancel. Now this feature is awesome, because websites that open pop ups, like in the App Store and things like that won't happen again, you can just decline them. There also a website for whatever reason the past year they re-designed it, YouTube would open automatically.

    My question however is, is there a setting for this? Because when I did the last Public beta updates it would happen very frequently but as of late it is not asking me at all, and I've rebooted a few times. Haven't tried resetting all settings yet, and waiting for Public Beta 3 to see if it fixes it.
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    It remembers the permission you granted. It is part of the URL security restriction introduced in iOS 9, anyway. Not intended to act as a means of "app or webpage" selector. Deep linking with a forward button at the right of the status bar should do that instead.

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