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Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by DiscoBiscuits, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. DiscoBiscuits macrumors newbie

    Mar 5, 2016

    So I recently purchased an iPhone from a second-hand phone selling and repairs store, I payed a small amount of money for it and now I see why.. The handset isn't activated.

    When I tried to take the phone back, the vendors told me that there's nothing they can do and it's not 'their problem' - which quite reasonably infuriated me. I've scoured the internet for hours upon end searching for a way to get into the phone, and even attempted to contact apple - though they responded similarly to the way the individuals at the shop did.

    If anyone has any help or support on this matter I'd be unbelievably grateful as I'm currently without a phone until this issue is resolved. I'm a student so I'm also unable to purchase a new phone in the near future as almost all my spare cash went towards getting this phone.
  2. chrfr macrumors 604

    Jul 11, 2009
    If the phone is asking for an iCloud password, there's nothing you can do with the phone. This is an anti-theft system that doesn't have a workaround.
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    Oct 12, 2014
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    The only way around an iCloud Activation locked iPhone is to have the person who the iCloud account it's attached to remove the device from their iCloud account.

    You bought a paper weight unfortunately if you're unable to contact the original owner of the phone.
  4. DiscoBiscuits thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 5, 2016
    Damn it.

    Alright, thank you both nonetheless.

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