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Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by RRRize, Sep 17, 2015.

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    I updated to iOS 9 as soon as it was available and the update was seamless. I have been playing with it all day and I've encountered a few issues and thought I'd just document them here. I have an iPhone 6 Plus / 128GB

    First Issue - ORIENTATION
    It's pretty unpredictable, which makes it somewhat difficult to describe. Sometimes, I will allow the phone to go to sleep while in portrait orientation. When I press the home button to turn it back on, it will be in landscape mode. This does not happen all the time, but it happens more times than it dosen't. I've also found that it is absolutely stuck in landscape mode - there's no amount of rotating that I can do to change modes. Sometimes, I have to press the power button to put it to sleep and then wake it up and that fixes it. Sometimes, I can just hold the phone in portrait and swipe in landscape and it will rotate into portrait. And sometimes I have to power it down and then power it back up. Rotation lock is NOT on. This is a MOST annoying issue.

    Second Issue - UPDATES IN APP STORE
    When I go to the App Store, all my apps that have updates have an OPEN button next to them instead of an UPDATE button. When you press the OPEN button, it opens the un-updated app. I've attached a screenshot of this. There is a workaround. I found that as soon as the App Store app is opened, the buttons appear correctly for less than a second. So, if I terminate the App Store app and then reopen it and have my finger ready on the spot where the UPDATE button for the particular app is and press it before it switched to the OPEN button, that will work. Obviously this is a very annoying bug

    Third (and last) Issue - PODCAST APP
    This only happened immediately after the update and I have not seen it happen again (and I've been trying to duplicate the issue). So, maybe it's not a bug at all, but I thought I would mention it anyway. Basically what happened was I launched the Podcast app and started streaming a podcast that I subscribe to. It played for about 20 seconds and just stopped when I attempted to rotate the phone to change the orientation from portrait to landscape. I turned the phone off and then back on and still experienced this issue. So I watched the podcast in portrait mode and didn't try to duplicate the issue for a few hours. When I did try to duplicate it, I was unable. Everything worked fine. I will keep my eye on this and report back, but for now it appears this 3rd issue is no longer an issue for me.

    By the way, I did attempt to reinstall iOS 9 after experiencing issues 1 and 2, but the results were the same. It is definitly an iOS 9 issue because I did not have these issues with iOS 8.4.1.

    If anyone else is experiencing these issues, I hope this posting gives you a little comfort in that you are not alone. I am pretty confident the issues will be resolved in an iOS 9.0.1 update (hopefully sooner rather than later). But if things are too hairy for you to bare, you have about a week or 2 before Apple stops signing iOS 8.4.1, so you can downgrade to it until the iOS 9 issues are all ironed out. IMG_6647.jpg
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    I have the same issues as well as no cell data and spring back as soon as I type the first letter of the second word in spotlight and search page.
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    So just as an update, I've used the Podcast app extensively today and had zero problems with it. In fact, oddly enough, it works perfectly! I've found that when using the Podcast app with a video running I am able to view and listen without interruption and I can rotate between landscape and portrait fluidly at any time. This is great! But weirdly, I still have the orientation issues outside of the Podcast app, as described in my first issue. : |

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