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Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by Radon87000, Sep 18, 2015.

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    Having been a past Android user whose Nexus 5 got updated to Lollipop without any noticeable performance issues,the iOS 9 update hasnt really been a good experience.Every now and then there are some animation lags in the multi tasking menu and tapping on a folder almost always results in a frame skip/freeze before it "zooms" in.On top of that every time there is stuttering when I try to reply to a message in the quick popup until the keyboard appears.Third Party Keyboards still have a one second delay in spotlight search.Opening the keyboard in spot light search on an iPad Air 2 and rotating to landscape results in heavy juddering.
    And if all this wasnt enough there is a one second black screen when I launch any app.Anyone experiencing a similar less than stellar experience on iOS 9?Is this common for an iOS update?
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    Nov 23, 2011
    Sadly ... yes. The first iteration never seems to be smooth sailing, no matter how many betas Apple release. Whenever an OS is released to millions more people than would ever test/feedback the betas, unforseen problems always seem to crop up. Personally it's been smoother than iOS 8 for me, with the exception of the Facebook app freezing once - though I think that's more down to FB's shoddy coding than iOS 9.

    Normally people would recommend waiting for about a day before giving feedback, to allow the OS to index. If you've already done this then I'd try a wipe & fresh reinstall - if you're still having issues, restore to an iOS 8 backup and maybe make the plunge when 9.1 is released.
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    Do we really need multiple threads discussing the same types of things, especially when we have long ongoing ones?

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