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    Jun 9, 2011
    Hello, everyone! I'd like to write this post as Apple doesn't add features I'm gonna talk herefor a very long time. Hope, you'll agree with me and maybe you'll add something to my words.
    P.S. I like Apple, their products and so on, but they should take care of there own soft.
    Why Apple preinstalled apps, if you can install any other app which will be fine? Because of 2 things:
    - iCloud sync! (Other apps you need to launch to sync data between them) Also, if the app supports background refresh it doesn't work always properly.
    - You can't delete Apple preinstalled apps. And this is strange, because I can download "Find my iPhone" and than delete it, and than install it again from the AppStore.
    Sorry, if I made mistakes in my text.
    Let's start.

    First thing I'm going to write is the app "Contacts" on our iOS devices. What I don't like here:
    1. On iOS device it's impossible to create GROUPS of contacts. It's so weird and stupid from Apple not to add this feature. We can do it on our Macs, on, but can't do it on our mobile device!

    2. If you add a birthday to a contact info it will be displayed in iCal calendar as a birthday, but if you add another one date to the same contact, for ex. an anniversary of your friend it will not be shown in your iCal or Reminders, only birthdays are shown there. Apple should think about it too, because now, there is not much help if such dates now.

    3. If you add a contact on Mac or to a group of contacts there is now information in a contact about that to which group it's related.

    4. Visit cards. I'm almost absolutely sure, that more than 90% of you wanted to add to a contact more than one picture. Just imagine: you add a picture of your friend as main and also you can add a picture of his visit card and than send it to someone if needed. (This is not critical).

    1. If you add a picture to a note (in iOS 8, don't know what is on iOS 9) than you must be ready, that you can't export it on your iOS device, it's possible only on Mac via drag&drop. Why I can't do this Apple?!

    2. Question to iOS 9 users: If I want to move a note from one folder to another on iOS 9 device can I do it? Please, write your answer. Thank you.

    3. Question to iOS 9 users: Can we rename folders on iOS 9 device?


    1. Why I can create lists in notes now, but in Reminders I can't do that? Don't you think that it will be more useful in the app which was done for this?

    2. You still can't create progects and subtasks in Reminders app. The only way it to write this subtasks in notes section in a Reminder app. BUT, if you need to be reminded about any subtask - write a task) It's not an Apple way.

    3. As for me, I don't like much that to the every task about which I want to be reminded I must add not only a day, but also a time. It will be great if I could add to a task only a date or (as now) a day and a reminder. For ex. I need to do something on Monday, but it doesn't matter at what time on Monday. I'll see that I have a task to do today, but it wouldn't interrupt me wits these reminders. Because I have more than 10 tasks to do every day and it becomes to noisy)

    It's not possible to delete preinstalled apps.
    I don't have apple watch, so why do I have to have this app icon on my iPhone? If I buy them than, I'll download it from the AppStore. And this is about almost every Apple app.

    Apps installed on iPhone and iPad.
    If any app is installed on iPhone it wouldn't be necessary installed on iPad. I don't understand why Apple thinks that we don't need "Calculator" on iPad. WHY?! I can launch it fast on iPhone but on iPad no...)
    Passbook. I'd like to have it on iPad and Mac also. It'll be super cool. Imagine... You are going for a holiday somewhere. You buy tickets and while you are going to the airport you iPhone battery dies and you can't charge it. But you have iPad with you, but it does't matter as there is no such app on it and your tickets are almost lost. Not convenient.
    I can write a lot about other apps i miss on iPad and Mac, but I'm gonna only list them her:
    Weather, Health, Stocks.

    Please, leave your comment here what you think about this post, add your remarks. Maybe together we can make Apple products better)

    Thank you for your attention!
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    Oct 17, 2011
    It's essentially fitting with what many people talk about when they discuss their wishlists for upcoming iOS versions--some things get added over time, sometimes not necessarily in the same way that some might want/like, other things are yet to be added or might never really be added:
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    Aug 26, 2010
    This would be a stolen feature, but i don't care.

    Watched some videos about these new Google phones, like the Nexus 5P. It has a built in finger printer on the back, its not a button, only a touch surface, as you know...

    I like that it unlocks the phone and takes you to the home screen without pushing a button, just a quick touch... I know you can do this on the iPhone but you have to push the home button physically. I know this sounds stupid, but i like the idea of just touching and not pressing the home button. Just a touch, the finger printer reads your finger and takes you to the home screen instantly. Don't even have to push the button. I think its a great little feature, i hope Apple will add this in one of the software releases.

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