iOS app to read barcodes w/in my own page/database?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by rhp2424, Feb 14, 2011.

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    I came here hoping I would be able to get some great advice.

    I need one of two things:

    1) an iOS app for for work that works on an iPhone or iPod Touch. It needs to be able to call a simple SQL database already housed on our local servers, enable me to recall that data based on a search, edit the fields and update the file. Sure, this is simple php/sql stuff that I can write for a website and call it on through Safari, but the trick is as follows:

    I would like the ability to edit one of the fields by having a barcode scanner that reads a barcode and inputs the data into it.

    Again, on a normal website, I know how to write the code and use a usb barcode reader. The trouble, of course, is that I can't plug a usb barcode reader into an iPhone/iPod Touch.


    2) A simple to use plugin that enables me to use a field to use the devices barcode scanning abilities relatively easily. I know php and sql enough to get by but I am not comfortable with java and certainly not code to write an iOS app. Perhaps somebody is able to point me to a usable barcode app that can be adapted to my php/sql script to create a web app?

    Any suggestions? Any help would be more than greatly appreciated.
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    QRGeneration project for Barscanners for the iphone ^_-

    Or something like this.

    Or this

    good luck

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