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    Hi Guys,

    The App Store will categorize apps based on heading 'Productivity', 'Games' etc. Yet unfortunately there is no way to determine nor search a comprehensive list of iOS apps that include cloud file sharing.

    Box, DropBox, iCloud Drive, OneDrive all have their own services, which is quite obvious and known. however even from the very early days some applications such as Goodreader has the ability to upload to Box, Dropbox, and SkyDrive (old name for OneDrive). I'm curious if there is any other apps similar to Goodreader that has this ability?

    Thanks for all your help
    PS: Apple DEP specialists also don't have an answer or a comprehensive list ... some had no idea what Goodreader was
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    - PDF Expert (a great PDF editor with a good file manager, just like Goodreader you can connect to Dropbox etc. and also sync with cloud services)
    - iFiles 2 (nice file manager)
    - Documents (from the makers of PDF Expert, free, good file manager and limited PDF editing)
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    FileBrowser is a fantastic app -
    FileBrowser - Access files on remote computers by Stratospherix Ltd

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