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    My director has a developer account in Apple and wants to install the latest iOs beta in his IPhone 3gs. He doesn't have the time to search and find the way of installing it . I would like assistance on how to do it. If possible to be as detailed as possible. I can't do the searching myself as google did not provide guides. Searching brought up various sites on how to do it without UDID. That is not our case though. Also I can't/don't want to get his credentials to search in the Apple website. I have an account but not a paying iOs developer's.

    Thanks in advance.

    p.s. Sorry if this has been covered here before. Searching provided too many results to traverse through.
    p.p.s. He is aware that this is beta and could create problems in his device.
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    he will need to log in to his developer account portal.

    he will need to add his UDID (device id) to the list of devices on the portal.

    he will then need to download ios 4.1

    he can then upgrade to this via iTunes.

    when you sign up, apple sends you plenty of instructions on what to do. there are even video guides on the portal showing you what to do.


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