iOS/connectivity problems saved into backups? Trying to understand "restore"

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    Hi Everyone,

    I began experiencing some connectivity issues about 1 year in with my old Iphone 4 (dropped calls, weak/nonexistent signal won't stream music in full 3g coverage) along with increased app crashes. I took it to the Apple store and they told me that it was an inherent issue with my iOS software, which would even be retained if I tried to restore the phone from a backup. Their recommendation was to do a restore to factory, and set the phone up as new and start over using icloud sync only. Can anyone validate this diagnosis? Does the restore to factory settings actually wipe and reinstall a fresh OS?

    As I'm not extremely familiar with this topic, I was wondering if it's possible for problems with iOS or firmware to be transferred through backups (either through computer or through icloud). And if so, is there any way to do a completely "clean" install (ie: similar to completely wiping a harddrive and installing a fresh OS).

    I've also recently taken over a friend's old iphone 5, so I was hoping to more fully understand what restore to factory settings actually does, and if using a DFU recovery (not first using iboot) might help my problem? Also, if backups are indeed a problem, then would starting fresh and using icloud sync only would be a viable solution?


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    To Restore as New, plug your phone into your comp and select Restore, Restore as New on iTunes. This will completely wipe everything from your phone, removing all of your data and reinstalling the OS.

    This is often the best way to fix any software related issues. Problems can reside in backups, so if you restore as new, then reapply a backup, the problem can come back (although hopefully just the restore will have fixed the problem.)
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    thanks for the clarification! This should give me some peace of mind

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