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    I have been with my present organization since last 4 years and was hired as a general software engineer. After joining the company, they put me into mobile apps team (like monitoring and logging bugs, services) where I was working on multiple stuff and not just iOS development. My org recently shifted from native iOS to web app and now am working on web technologies. I have worked little on many technologies, so in short I am "Jack of all and master of none". I tried my hands on android and windows app dev too, but I realized I like iOS dev more compared to everything else.

    I am planning to make a job switch this year and know how the interview for a general s/w engg position are, but I don't have much idea on iOS developer interviews. When I google for it, I mostly find theoretical iOS based questions. I did take couple of interviews (without any prep) to get a feel of what they are like and I was mainly asked programming questions based on Data Structures and Algo (DSA) along with some iOS basics. Some companies job descriptions talks about candidate having their own app in app store, good problem solving skills (DSA) and also knowledge of iOS/Obj C/Swift.

    I am working on my personal app in free time and am also brushing up my DSA knowledge. One of my friend who is iOS dev as well told he was given a scenario and asked to develop an app for it in the interview.

    Am not asking for direct interview questions here, but I confused on how much should I prepare and how much of it will I remember? My plan now is to prep for about 3 months and then start applying for jobs. In these 3 months, I would spend 1st month on refreshing DSA (along with coding), 2nd month on iOS basics along with solving some problems from sites like career cup and 3rd month on working on more personal apps. I don't have problem preparing, but I am bad at remembering API and usually take help of IDE and sometimes google while working on storyboards, so am not sure how will I remember everything for the interview if I am asked to create an app there or a bunch of string problems. How much ever I prepare, I always feel like I don't know much compared to others and that I should spend few more months.
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    The best preparation for an iOS developer job interview is to develop multiple (different types) non-trivial apps, and have them available in the App store when the interviewer can see them and ask how you developed them (structured, coded, solved programming problems, did testing, & etc.). If your code looks good, post some of it on github.

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