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Jun 23, 2009
Tonight my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 (wifi) got stolen (on my own street at knife point). B*******s.

I got home 2 minutes later so I went straight online and checked find my iPhone. Both devices registered as being off, so I sent a remote wipe instruction to both.

I then called O2 (my mobile carrier) and blocked my SIM and iPhone.

My question is, how likely is it the thieves are able to access my data?

As O2 have locked the SIM and iPhone, will that prevent my remote wipe instruction from getting through to the iPad?

I had a security code on both devices. But say they turned them off right away, took out the iPhone SIM, then took both devices to a place without wifi the remote wipe wouldn't get to them - right?

So they could plug them into a computer and hack in to get the data right? I assume there is software out there to hack into iOS devices anyway right?

Is there anything further I could have done? Or do for next time to increase my security?

The thought of someone reading my personal emails, or getting hold of my finances makes me sick.



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Jan 24, 2010
If the thief is smart, they'll remove the iPhone's SIM card and turn it on where there aren't any open WiFi networks it could connect to. Then they could make a SSH ramdisk and pull all your data off of your iPhone. The iPad 2 is more secure because it current lacks a bootrom exploit.


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Aug 4, 2011
You're assuming the their wants the user data,,rather than just to quickly pawn off the hardware as quickly as possible.

Most thieves aren't the most intelligent.


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Sep 19, 2008
Are you someone important that someone would want your data? If not, don't worry about it. You got robbed at knife point, which means they're not fortunate enough to own or obtain a gun. Which means, they probably arent smart enough to hack your idevices. Which, in turn, means they just robbed you to get the devices to flip for a quick buck.


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Sep 21, 2011
If the devices had PASSCODE locks on them then they are unable to access your data easily. They can indeed wipe them via iTunes and DFU mode but as far as simply turning it on and reading your emails, they are out of luck unless they are techie and I don't know many geeks robbing people on the street.