iOS device upgrade help: upgrade iPhone or iPad; questions?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JerTheGeek, May 12, 2015.

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    May 15, 2014
    Hello all,
    I need some help with some decisions regarding iOS device upgrades later this year. So here is my situation:
    I currently have an iPad mini 1 and an iPhone 5s. I LOVE the 5s, such a nice device. The real upgrade I want is the iPad because my ol' mini is getting pretty sluggish, and I would really like the retina display on it.
    BUT I also am considering replacing both with an iPhone 6 Plus (likely the S model released later this year). So that is one option. My contract ends this August. I mainly use my iPad for watching YT and browsing the web. Just basic entertainment stuff. The thing is, I don't always use my iPad for this stuff though; I also use my MacBook Air 13, and also my iPhone to do the same things. Even when I am home and could use the iPad, I find myself sometimes using the 5s just because it is a newer, more updated device. So I guess I'm wondering if the iPad is even that necessary for me, since i have the big MBAir screen, and if i had a bigger phone screen I'm thinking I might be good.
    I also could see if Apple releases a new 4 inch iPhone this year as rumored, but if it ends up being true, it will likely be a C model which I am not interested in anyway, so in this case I'd probably just keep my 5s as it is obviously not showing any signs of age. At that point I would just upgrade the iPad whenever I have the money.
    But I also am wondering which iPad to get if i upgrade? Should I go for the Air or mini? I have the mini now, but had an iPad 3 before it; i got the mini because the 3 was too bulky. I have a MacBook Air 13 so i dont necessarily need a big screen on the iPad, but since I use it primarily for entertainment would it be nice to have the bigger screen? Or should I stick with the mini size?
    AND one final question. If i decide not to get the 6 plus, and upgrade my iPad, I could also get the 6s when it comes out, in the 4.7 inch size. I am not really sold on the bigger size, but to get newer features, would it be worth it?
    And so there are my many questions. I would appreciate any advice/help anybody could provide!
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    The iPad Air 2 is a great tablet and would be a quantum leap from what you have. You'll probably be able to get a refurb soon. It is fast, light, thin, great screen, and 2 GB RAM should future-proof it for a while.

    That would be my choice from what you'Ve described, unless a much improved iPad mini comes out .. If you prefer that size.

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