iOS Devices Run Slow on Wi-Fi

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    Apr 15, 2008
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    This one has been perplexing me for months... and I really hope someone can help me out!
    Network wise I am running Cox Cable internet 12mbps. I never get that but regularly get 6-9. That is connected to a first generation Time Capsule. I have a Airport Express downstairs as well that is connected to a wireless G router (mostly using it for the ports, but do throw a G network out for older devices).
    My computers work GREAT. Work computer (Dell), Macbook, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini all connect with a good rate of speed from anywhere in the house.
    All my iOS devices (1 iPhone 4, 1 iPhone 3GS, 2 1st generation iPads) run at best with 25% of the speed my computers get. Earlier tonight using speed test I was getting 3 on my computer and 0.1 on my iPhone. Yikes!!!
    I called Apple, they really tried to help, even fully replaced one of my iPads and my Time Capsule but nothing has gotten better.... Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  2. ZolakJHS thread starter macrumors member

    Apr 15, 2008
    Wake Forest, NC

    So I took down the G network and that has helped somewhat. Getting 3-4 downstairs during the day, around 2 during peak hours, but I get more than double that from the MacBook sitting right next to my iPad. Super frustrating... But it beats 0.1.
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    Upgrade to a simultaneous dual band N router and get rid of whatever G router(s) you're using. The WNDR3700 is going cheap these days.

    Any G on an N network will bring it down to G speeds. The iPad and likely your Macs will have a 5GHz N Airport, while any older G / N stuff can share the 2.4GHz band (including your iPhone).
  4. erayser macrumors 65816


    Apr 9, 2011
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    Ah... so that's why I couldn't connect to 5GHz with our iPhone's. The WNDR3700 works great wireless... and it's pretty fast. However, I just couldn't get it to work with any of our computers connected by ethernet. It would work for less than a minute, and then the internet drops connection... along with wireless. I would have to unplug my modem, and reboot the N600 to get the connection again. I tried all kinds of settings, updating/backdating firmware... resets, and support couldn't get it to work... so I had to go with another router. I think it worked okay when I connected directly to the gigabit port on the router... but it failed going through our gigabit switches. Our house (3000sq/ft) is fully wired with CAT6, so all computers/laptops, and streaming devices are ethernet connected... so the WNDR3700 wasn't going to cut it for us. However, our iDevices connections very fast with that router.

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