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    May 29, 2010
    Hillsboro, Oregon USA.
    * Initial release on iPhone 4
    * General New Features
    o Multitasking by double clicking home button P3,T3
    o Support for Apple Bluetooth keyboards
    o Game Center social network
    o iBooks with PDF support
    o iAd mobile advertising network
    o Portrait orientation lock

    * Camera
    o 5x digital zoom
    o Tap to focus video

    * Settings
    o App-specific location settings
    o Cellular data only setting
    o Password with alphabet characters and numbers
    o Simple Passcode Lock (4 digit number) option
    o New Wallpapers
    o New Wallpaper preview for home screen and lock screen
    o Set up Internet Tethering
    o New Gmail and Exchange icons in Mail, Contacts, Calendars account settings
    o Support multiple Exchange accounts
    o Custom Dictionary

    * Compass
    o Remove the button link to Maps (Added back with build 8A248c β2. Not sure whether this will become part of the final OS)

    * Home Screen
    o Ability to categorize apps into folders with default folder naming based on category name in App Store
    o Up to 2,160 instead of 180 visible apps (12 apps per folder)
    o Folder name supports up to 13 characters
    o Custom backgrounds for Home screen and Lock Screen
    o Dock redesigned to that of the iPad
    o Rate on deleting app removed
    o Default utilities folder which contains the clock, calculator, voice memos and compass apps

    * Photos
    o Categorized by Albums, Faces, Events and Places (under iPhoto in Mac OS X)
    o Select multiple photos for mass deletion
    o Support landscape mode

    * Camera Roll
    o Rotate photos
    o Resize photos
    o Categorization by All, Photos and Videos
    o Support landscape mode

    * App Store
    o Ability to gift apps

    * Maps
    o Unified "locate me" icon
    o Background location icon shown on status bar

    * iPod
    o Playlist creation on device
    o Nested playlists
    o Lyrics and Podcast info on Setting
    o Volume control with Bluetooth headsets
    o Art in Album View

    * Notes
    o Notes syncing with MobileMe, Gmail IMAP and Yahoo! Mail
    o Accounts management appears if syncing is enabled
    o Notes setting below Mail, Contacts, Calendars Settings if syncing is enabled
    o Moved search box into title bar

    * Calendar
    o Birthday calendar
    o CalDAV invitations

    * Contacts
    o Unified Info by linking contacts from different accounts
    o CardDAV
    o Streamlined "New Contact" Screen

    * Spotlight
    o Search with Web or Wikipedia

    * Safari (Webkit version 532.9)
    o Bing is now a search option, along with Google and Yahoo
    o Recent Searches below search field
    o Top Hit in Search
    o Google Suggest appears below search field if Search Engine is set to Google
    o Unified "Search" keyboard button when search field being used
    o In-Page Video Playback

    * Youtube
    o Rotate & Zoom Videos in vertical and horizontal Position

    * Nike+
    o Upload workouts to Nike+

    * Accessibility
    o Larger fonts in Mail, SMS & alerts

    * Message
    o Include a Search bar
    o Character count (Can be enabled or disabled in Settings -> Messages screen)
    o Failed SMS Notification
    o Option to toggle off the ability to send group messages

    * Stocks
    o Ability to quick view current market cap in place of stock's price or % change

    * Mail
    o Unified Inboxes
    o Edit from Outbox
    o Support for multiple Exchange accounts
    o File & delete Mail search results
    o Organize By Thread in Mail
    o Quicklook attachments
    o Open attachments by registered filetype with corresponding Apps from App Store
    o Smart Links For Dates and Addresses
    o Contact Pictures in Emails

    * International
    o Spell Check
    o Added Cangjie and Wubihua Keyboards for Simplified and Traditional Chinese
    o Text replacement between Simplified and Traditional Chinese
    o Switch keyboard shortcut (holding the "earth" button on keyboard for a while)
    o Added support for Danish voice control
    o Hungarian Language added

    * Other
    o Persistent Wi-Fi
    o Wake on Wireless
    o Auto-join and Auto-login and IPv6 on individual Wi-Fi Networks setting
    o Enhanced data protection
    o Wireless app distribution
    o Mobile device management
    o SSL VPN support (both Juniper and Cisco)
    o Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 support
    o Improved Bluetooth driver for A2DP devices
    * Note: iPod Touch 1st gen and iPhone 1st gen devices are not supported, while iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2nd gen have limited support. iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch 3rd gen are all fully supported.

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    Apr 8, 2007
    Nice, thanks for the post. Been wanting to see them all listed.
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