iOS Game Controllers iCADE, iCADE 8-Bitty and JOYSTICK-IT on Sale for Black Friday 2012

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    ThinkGeek has posted their set of Black Friday deals. Relevant to iPhone and iPad gamers are sales on their iCade, iCade 8-Bitty Game Controller and the JOYSTICK-IT for iPad. ThinkGeek is an affiliate partner of MacRumors.

    The iCADE is an arcade cabinet housing for the iPad:


    Normally priced at $99.99, the iCADE is presently 30% off at $69.99. The iCADE connects to the iPad via Bluetooth and is compatible with over 500 games.

    The iCade 8-Bitty is the Nintendo controller styled handheld version of the iCADE for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch:


    The iCade 8-Bitty normally sells for $29.99 but is on sale for 33% percent off at $19.99. It also connects via Bluetooth and shares the same game compatibility as the full-sized iCADE.

    Finally for $7.49 (50% Off), ThinkGeek offers the JOYSTICK-IT Arcade Stick for iPad. A physical joystick that attaches directly to the screen to offer a real control.

    Article Link: iOS Game Controllers iCADE, iCADE 8-Bitty and JOYSTICK-IT on Sale for Black Friday 2012
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    Sep 3, 2011
    I wish more developers would actually support these. (Joystick-It aside)
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    Jul 27, 2012
    In an ethereal plane of existence.
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    I always like seeing more support for iCade, but there is already a massive library of games for iCade. It seems like I notice new ones appear every week. The official list it not always complete, but they do update it pretty regularly (while other titles I learn about from the TouchArcade forums):

    170 titles there, some of which are libraries of multiple classic titles in one.
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    Not a bad idea, but the question I have is...How responsive is the joystick? Does it respond like the old arcade games joystick? Also, how much fun is it to replay all the old games? Compared with say, Half-Life 2, how much fun will it be, and how quick will you get bored? Just wondering. :)
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    Answer 1: it feels very much like an arcade game, with clicky joystick directions and stiff springy (actually tiring for me!) buttons. It seems to use actual arcade parts; if not, it’s something very close.

    Answer 2: only you can decide what fun a game offers :) I tend to prefer the NEW games with my iCade, and revisit oldies sometimes for the novelty.

    I had buyer’s remorse when I bought my iCade: holy smokes, I have this big THING now, which only serves one purpose, and my wallet is lighter!

    Then I started gaming on it and I love it—no remorse for me. I do kind of wish I had the non-cabinet iCade Core: I could play with it in my lap and run the game to a projector (more easily than I can now).
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    Wow! I wasn't expecting a reply. :) My questions were more rhetorical than actual. You did a great job though. :) Thanks...You've got me seriously thinking of buying one now. :eek:
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    Pretty cool

    Despite the few limitations, the joystick on the iPad: genius.

    Does anybody know where I can peruse in Toronto in real life?:D

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