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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by chhoda, Jun 29, 2016.

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    Is it true that apple server does not maintain anything related to our subscription info ? Apple does not help us getting the expiry date ? We have to do all those business logic at our end ? if that is so, what happens when the user does not renew after 3 months [he took 3 months subscription to start with] ?

    what is host with apple for ? why is that available only for non-consumable ? can it hold only user specific data or not ? why same feature not available for subscriptions ?

    I understand if my itunes account is logged in for UK store, I will get items prices in Euros.
    What if I want to show prices for all countries inside of my app ? is there an API provided to us by apple ?

    please help me in these answers
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    I can only answer the second paragraphs and on, as the first one is something you should just read the docs for. As far as I understand, host with Apple is designed so that if you have a non consumable purchase like a new game level, you could store that level data with Apple and download. A subscription isn't designed (or at least I hope you're not designing it like this) for a onetime download, it should be something hosted on your own server. You can't get the price for other countries, and honestly I don't understand the motivation either. The user can only purchase items from the store in their country, so there's really no point in showing them the countries in other countries. If you really want to, you'll have to host that information on your own server.

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