iOS is turning ten. It's time to grow up.

Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by devinthomas, Apr 1, 2016.

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    I think both platforms are largely matured and going to remained unchanged in any major ways for the foreseeable future. I don't think we need to number the releases. I don't think there's that big of a difference these days, and when there is, they just can say so in a keynote and all the marketing for the new devices they're associated with. Both operating systems are free and regularly maintained so who cares if they have a catchy name?

    I do think a huge yearly leap is necessary, but I think we could look at as simply being a milestone instead of chasing version numbers. "We've been working on this huge set of features we think are really going to push us forward, we put a lot of work into it, and we'd like you to preview our next milestone release."

    This plan assumes a shift in development where the big new major features are spread out a big, and we experience more large .1 updates like 9.3. It also assumes that we move to stock applications being regularly updated via the App Store.

    So no more number races. Just a living breathing operating system that levels up reliable once a year.

    Just OS X & iOS and time.

    "Ugh, iOS has been sh*t since Mid 2019. Milestone 2017 was a thing of beauty. Those idiots are must really think they're on a spaceship."

    "OS X peaked with the Early 2018 release. When they gave Lady Gaga creative control, everything went to hell."

    The Preview Collection
    OS X 10.12 DP/Beta 1 & iOS 10 DP/Beta 1 = macOS Milestone 2016 Preview & iOS Milestone 2016 Preview
    OS X 10.12 DP/Beta 2 & iOS 10 DP/Beta2 = macOS M 2016 Preview 2 & iOS M 2016 Preview 2

    OS X is dead deal with it. These would come every WWDC. In this scenario the 2016 releases would be pretty shocking yet refreshing. A second 'Mountain Lion' year with a few bones thrown in like Siri, Control Center and Full Dark Mode. Previews of technologies and features that may not be ready for the fall release, but are still being shown and exposed to developers.

    The Milestone Collection
    OS X 10.12 GM & iOS 10 GM = macOS (Milestone 2016) & iOS (Milestone 2016)
    OS X 10.13 GM & iOS 11 GM = macOS (M 2017) & iOS (M 2017)

    In all official documentation the time designated differentiator will be parenthesized to deemphasize the idea actual differences that shouldn't and usually don't matter to most people, but still exist for those of us who need it. These updates still need to be ready like clockwork to launch with new devices.

    The Expansion Collection
    OS X 10.12.1 & iOS 10.1 = macOS (Late 2016) & iOS (Late 2016)
    OS X 10.12.2 & iOS 10.3 = macOS (Spring 2017) & iOS (Summer 2017)

    Beta releases of the .1 releases the week after the new devices launch with some of those previews from WWDC taking shape. Maybe the first major stock apps get huge updates without warning the week after release that addresses some concerns from major reviews that we'd normally have to way to see in a .1 update. We'd see these updates bringing things like new API's for Spotlight being active or Springboard feature.

    Just to keep things clear on a global scale I think Early, Mid, Late makes more sense than using actual American seasons, even though I think they'd be more attractive. I think Apple could be pretty loose in dialogue to refer to them as their seasonal releases in discussions at American based events but for any technical official purposes refer to the Early/Late.

    The Maintenance Collection
    OS X 10.12.4 & iOS 10.3.2 = invisible bug/security fixes built into the new streamlined update processes built into both operating systems that download and install modular updates like bug fixes & fixing serious vulnerabilities while device is normally not in use (i.e charging while you sleep) by default requiring no interaction from users.


    I know I have more holes in this plan than a cartoon representation of cheese, but I think it's a natural progression.
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    I think he just spent 50 lines of text to say that he wants OSX and iOS to have a year designation to distinguish them, instead of a version number.
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    "Between the Hedges"
    That was exhausting
    I fell asleep during the Preview Collection
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    New York City
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    Each to their own guys. :)

    I like not to overthink things. ;)
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    I just skip to the end of his lenthy words. ;)
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    Hmm. I don't really mind how they develop software. As long as their software is stable, and durable, I will feel very happy to use it.
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    All these collections are a great idea. Expect them to be the names of the new Apple Watch 2 price points, and nothing to do with iOS and Mac OS/MacOS/macOS/mAcOs/MaCoS/MACOS/macos/m4c05/whatever.
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    Are you complaining about features or naming? You need some form of easily understandable name so consumers know when there's an update or what OS they're running when they get support.

    It's easy to say "I was running iOS 9.2" not "I was running iOS late summer 2015."
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    Granted, this year will be somewhat amusing with OS X and iOS 10, but the difference is where the emphasis is placed:

    OS *TEN* vs *iOS* ten
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    I think I think I's the bane of these forums.
    "Don't expect miracles"
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    I think OP is proposing the idea that updates get more "spread out", like lots of "9.3's" with still a somewhat larger jump every year, being the "milestone". Maybe with one huge, substantial feature, and some UI/UX improvements. Not change just for the sake of change like iOS 7.

    Pretty similar to now really, just somewhat more spread out.

    I think it should be smaller x.0 releases but bigger x.x releases, with more time in between so Apple can once again release polished software. Let's face it, these huge yearly upgrades are too much for Apple's engineers at the moment.

    I really agree with the "I was running iOS 9.2" not "I was running iOS late summer 2015." thing. OP had some good ideas up there, but probably just worded a bit too confusingly.

    OP should have had a TL;DR: Apple should have bigger x.x releases with somewhat substantial milestones rather than just one huge leap every year and small x.x releases.

    At least that's what I got from his post. Maybe I'm still wrong.
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    This is interesting. I do respect what you wrote here and IMO it's a very good idea
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    That's what they're made for. If you only like data and feature announcements you could stay on MacRumors Home
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    A redesign of iOS would be a godsend, the current UI is getting quite stale and I would like something more refined and elegant than the current cartoonish and blinding white UI. Also a complete refresh of the music app is also a must, the current version is the absolute worst. I would prefer a separation of the streaming and radio features into separate apps downloaded through the App Store so that the stock music app better resembles and functions the older iPod/music apps with an emphasis on storing your music library locally.

    So other than a complete UI refresh and new music app, I think that's pretty much it for my iOS wishlist at this point.
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    Sorry that was a hackjob I typed up in the dentists office. The Lancer pretty much nailed the translation.
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    I don't think we are getting a redesign anytime soon but I hope we get one anyway, just like you.

    Not even a total redesign, just refining it and making it slightly less flat, more like OS X at the moment. Somehow make buttons more distinguishable, also tweak the home screen (slight drop shadows and less obtrusive dock) because as it stands, good wallpapers are almost impossible to find because it's always made busy by the icons with nothing separating them from the wallpaper, and the huge translucent dock that covers everything. Maybe if it was less translucent and not a "light" blur, more a dark blur would look better I think. Still would rather have a more iOS 6 like dock though...
    Oh sweet! Hopefully people see my post and it clears things up with them. People were being a bit dismissive and demeaning in my opinion just because of somewhat excessive wording. It wasn't that bad to figure out though, geez.

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