iOS iWork - iClouds ignores some documents when uploading

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    Aug 26, 2010

    I'm having problems with uploading my documents to iCloud from iPad or iPhone iWork apps - Pages, Numbers or Keynote. For most documents, everything works brilliantly and as soon as I close a document, application starts uploading it to iCloud.

    However, some documents (those that matter most, I don't know if iOS has some algorithm built-in to determine which documents are most important and only cause problems with those) do not upload back to iCloud and all I can see is just big arrow in top-right corner of the file (image). No matter how long I wait, it won't upload. If I create new file for example and edit it, app will say "Uploading 1 document" and just upload that new one, ignoring other one.

    It seems that most documents that won't upload are imported from Dropbox but I think some of them work perfectly.

    Can anyone help me with this issue? I would really appreciate any suggestions as I started using my iPad as my laptop and I can't use its full potential if I can't manage my documents properly...

    I did uninstall whole iOS iWork suite - did not help.
    I did reset all settings ( - General - Reset - Reset all settings) - did not help.

    iOS 5.0.1. (current).
    Current versions of iOS iWork suite apps.
    Other iCloud apps seem to work fine.
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    Aug 26, 2010
    I think I found the solution for this, although it might be just temporary (we shall see how long will it last).

    I have noticed that if I upload a file from iCloud interface on my Mac and I access it from my iPad, it gets removed from iCloud (no longer visible on iCloud in Safari on my Mac) and that is when I get that arrow indicating it's uploading the file, even though it is not.

    But if I rename the file to something else - it uploads nicely. I can even rename the file back to previous name - it just begins to work. I even got a conflict resolver pop-up on iPad when accessing the file once - asking me which version to keep - edited on Mac or iPad - so I guess iCloud still has some issues but renaming works. At least for now.

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