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Discussion in 'iPad' started by mattoligy, Dec 3, 2014.

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    In regards to what OS a larger iPad should run I think, at least from a logical stand point it's pretty obvious.

    1) OS X is not designed for touch screen devices and no matter how much it's modified it never will be.

    2) Apple will not want to loose desktop class sales and there professional market so they will tread carefully to create a middle ground.

    3) A larger iPad will be targeted towards creatives not professionals.

    Apple will not want its high end pro market switching to tablets, cannibalising Mac sales. I'm not saying the Disney and Pixar team would drop their Mac Pros and start creating blockbusters on their tablets, however there is a low end professional market currently using Macs that might switch to a tablet if the tablet offered everything they needed! Such people might include Photographers, Graphics Designers, Web Designers, Writers, Musicians, DJs etc (I'm not saying those trades are low end in the grand scheme of things, just lower than the very high end, please don't get offended :rolleyes:)

    So Apple will want to target the semi professional market (currently a market dominated by the MSP3) they will want to attract sales from people that are not currently using an iPad or a Mac! Keep the pros on the Mac Pros, the mass consumers on an iPad Air and or iPhone and open a new market for people in between... Creatives, Semi Professionals, hobbyists, Power Users. I think to achieve this Apple will...

    1) Keep iOS and improve core functionality (more APIs) while adding features such as split screen multitasking and perhaps drag and drop between apps.

    2) Steer iOS closer to OS X via integration of Mac only features such as mission control (replacing the current app switcher) and...

    3) Improve on stock iOS apps (adding more flexibility and new features) while including brand new stock apps such as Textedit, Preview, Finder, etc

    Lots of people desire a file structure and the ability to work directly with their files. I think to conquer this Apple may develop a limited stock Finder app with a custom root directory, focusing heavily on "Open In" and spotlight like app suggestions that display AppStore links to apps that handle selected file types (further driving App Store sales) while also including direct iCloud Drive access so as to promote the service and promote opening all different types of files on iOS (expanding app development and of course, sales)

    The photos app will be shaped in to a "Preview" app, keeping the same editing capabilities but dropping folders and navigation in favour of Finder controlling this functionality. The Music and Video apps will be integrated with the iTunes App which will more closely resemble its desktop big brother. You will be able to navigate your media via the Finder app and open files in iTunes or navigate directly in iTunes with the option to show a song/album/movie in the Finder app similar to on a desktop OS. Documents will also be viewable from the Finder app with the ability to "open in" supported apps and or opened directly from said apps.

    New APIs will be included to give developers the ability to add their apps Documents Folder to a unified "Documents) area within Finder, while still sandboxing content between apps.

    These are the things I personally think Apple need to do to unify IOS and OS X in a way that doesn't effect Mac sales! Keep OS X more powerful but bring iOS closer to OS X! But I would love to hear everyone else's opinion! Maybe my version of an ideal iOS and IPad Plus are completely off, maybe I'm living in la la land, but maybe a hybrid Apple OS will look more like evolution and progress...
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    Tablets are fundamentally limited compared to laptops and desktops. A tablet runs a 4.5 tdp processor with 1-2 gb of ram, while laptops and desktops run 15-125 watt processors with 4-64gb of ram. There's just no comparison.
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    Jan 13, 2014
    I can't see in the near future a tablet become something of a desktop replacement and like Freyqq said, it is hard right now for tablets to compete in the processor arena, but I think they are generally improving. They will always be behind because as new technology develops to allow for more processing in a smaller space with less heat, it will also be applied to desktops and laptops allowing them to benefit at the same rate. Though as time goes on the increase in performance of tablets will allow them to do more and more things well.
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    Convergence is inevitable. Having to develop and maintain two systems is too expensive and consumers have to learn both systems as well.

    Also, our choice in devices often involves the OS. Should I buy a notebook because I like Yosemite better than iOS, even though I might rather use an iPad?
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    Jul 12, 2012
    Apps, keyboards and other setting are not even consistent between an iPhone and an iPad... I can't imagine adding a full OS'ed iPad Pro to the mix.
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    Jun 12, 2012
    Is there even really a gap in the market? Is a 12.2" pro needed? If they make a new size tablet it will probably just be a giant IOS device. They probably will add things like split screen, but that would be across the board for IOS devices greater than a certain size. The same way the 6+ can work in landscape is certain apps that mirror an ipad experience.

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