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    Hello all!

    I enjoy taking pictures, in some cases I like to play around with the image using a photo editor. I've been playing with a few and thankfully due to having plenty of storage I'm not too concerned if some editing apps exceed a few hundred mb in space. I've picked a few apps and have only had a quick play but was looking for others opinions and thoughts on their favourites.

    I've discovered the following;

    Snapseed: This being quite possibly the most popular which I've used a few of the effects but it's not rated great in the App Store.

    Fotor: Not sure where I saw this one, seems promising and gets a very high 4.7 in the App Store. Seems to do most of what I want it to and simple to use.

    Pixlr: Again, unsure of source of where I saw this but this again seems simple to use. Not rated fantastically in the App Store but looks ok.

    LD (Lens distortion): saw this on a snapchat clip. This is interesting since I've only used three effects. This might sound silly but you can add a sun effect as if it's shining into the camera lens. Same goes for rain, snow and even fog/mist. It really is quite a unique suite of effects that I've yet to see in other apps!

    I'd like to know what you guys use, why and how you use the apps you choose! List them as ad free or not too. I might quite like to try out your recommendations!
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