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Dec 2, 2018
In iOS 12, you could access the Reminders sync settings through the Settings app in order to specify how far back in time you wanted your reminders to be synced. I just noticed that this setting no longer exists. I never used it, or understood why someone would. Curious as to the logic behind removing the setting altogether and why it was there to begin with.


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Jul 1, 2014
Just a guess...

WAAAAY back in the day when data was slow and possibly expensive (read: those that did not have some sort of unlimited plan), syncing historical data could be an issue. Yeah, in theory, it's a one-time issue (eg. most people are not wiping their devices on a regular basis), but...

See it akin to how there has always been a limit on the size of a download from App Store you could do.

Or: can't recall if on by default, but know people that maintain their calendar history for ages, just like their browser history. For example, keep a meeting event from two years ago in the calendar, just in case they need to recall when that was. If on by default, can see some people getting a surprise when their old events are not showing.

Or: logic never worked, especially now with iOS 13 Reminders, where they are going all-in with folders, sub-lists, items with no dates on it (other than create date). Maybe accidentally excluding things that should not have been.
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