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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by idunn, Jul 6, 2011.

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    Note: in being unable to post this under general news discussions, hence here, and applicable not only to the iPhone but all iOS devices.

    Seeing no mention of this on the Front Page, I'll mention an article I just happened across which suggests Apple's iOS devices are susceptible to serious malware from PDFs. [1]

    The news from Germany is iOS software leaves devices such as the iPad or iPhone susceptible to malware from opening an infected PDF, or even a web page with such a PDF within it. Potential problems in result would be spying on passwords, photos, e-mails and phone conversations, etc.

    According to this article Apple has no comment thus far.

    1) 'Germany warns of Apple software security hole,' The Seattle Times
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    Isn't everything open to malware? Seems to me nothing is ever secure. This was posted because of what? The PDF exploit has been on and off since OS 1.X.X with etc....
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