iPad IOS thinks software up to date, but it's not


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Jun 16, 2008
I have an issue with updating my ipad Pro from 9.3.1 to 9.3.2.

At first I had the common problem of the update process telling me that it is "unable to verify update" and saying my internet connection was not working. I followed the recommendation to go into my Manage Storage area of settings and deleting the "9.3.2 Update" file/app (not exact wording, working off memory), and then turning off and back on internet, rebooting.

But now I have a new problem:

In Settings/General/Software Update it shows the "1" to the right of the word General, meaning I have an update to do. So, I click on Software Update and it comes up and says "IOS 9.3.1 Your software is up to date." So, the "1" to the right of "Software Update" tells me (correctly) that there is an update to do yet then the message says (incorrectly) that I am up to date.

So then I tried something else: I connected my ipad to my mac and brought up iTunes. I then selected the option to update IOS. It also thought that my ipad was up to date. It also says that it will recheck on 6/7/16.

So I'm sort of stuck in limbo. Any ideas, besides restoring my ipad? Or, can I somehow restore the "9.3.2 Update" file I deleted and at least get back to my initial problem?

[doublepost=1464704466][/doublepost]UPDATE: For anyone else who has this problem, on a 97" ipad pro, Apple Support just gave me the answer:

IS your iPad the iPad Pro 9.7 model? If it is, the update to iOS 9.3.2 was pulled for that device. You will not be able to download it again until Apple releases the new version for your particular model.

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Jul 17, 2012
Connecticut, USA
It was widely reported that 9.3.2 was bricking iPad Pro models, especially the 9.7, so Apple pulled it about a week ago. There were a number of threads about this here on this forum.


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Sep 17, 2013
If the update is still there on your iPad taking up space, you should be able to delete it from settings :)
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