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    I have a friend with an iPhone 3G. It's running iOS 3.0, and I'm not sure if the iPhone 3G is best served by iOS 4.1. I was wondering if there is a way to update it to iOS 3.1.3, so that she can always upgrade to iOS 4 later if she wants to, but in the meantime she could enjoy the full benefits of updating to the latest version of iOS 3. Thanks for any help!
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    Yes you can always download the ipsw file for 3.1.3

    This site archives all the past iOS updates so you just select the firmware you want for the device and download it and the file downloads from apple:

    Once you download it, you go on iTunes and plug in your iPhone.

    Holding option while clicking on update brings you the file chooser and you just select the update you just downloaded and that will update the iPhone to 3.1.3.

    Hope that helps and I suggest not downloading 4.1 if your friend doesn't want the new features as the iPhone 3G doesn't really get a lot of them. 4.0 made my 3G a lot slower and in my experience and 4.1 isn't faster than 3.1.3

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