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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by tdmac, Sep 24, 2012.

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    I am trying to understand why it has taken Apple so long to address issues with contacts. Seeing that everything is moving to the cloud, there needs to be better ways to manage contacts on the device. Unless of course all of your contacts happen to be in one "group".

    Under iOS6, there is a change for the better and also for the worse. If you now click the groups button, within contacts, you are presented with the list of the groups. Same as previous versions. What is now different is that you can toggle specific groups on or off. Under prior iOS versions, when you clicked a particular group name you were just taken into that particular group. That is the good and the bad. Under iOS6, if you just want to be within a particular group to add a contact in that group, you have to click "All Contacts", which will toggle all contacts off, select the group you want, click done and then you now can add a contact. Vs. under iOS5 and earlier, you just clicked the group name and then add a contact.

    So there are pluses and minuses. However... this does nothing to correct the issue of how to add a contact easily to a particular group or groups in iOS any. For example, you get a text, text, vcard, from a new contact and want to add it. There is no way to say where you want that contact to go. While I let this go in previous versions it is unbelievable this still is not "addressed". Furthermore, you still can't add additional groups. The latter functionality exists within iOS6 and was implemented as a way to create playlists. The same can easily be done to create new groups. The way you add songs to a playlists is the same that "could" be done to contacts to add contacts to that group.

    The issue of how to; add a new contact, see which group a contact belongs to, or add a contact to multiple groups is also a simple one to solve. All you need is an xtra button that appears when editing a contact called "groups". When you click the button it brings up all of the existing group names. You then can toggle on or off any group or groups you want to add that contact to, Plain and simple. You also would have the ability to add additional groups from within this list view as well.

    Still can't believe things this simple are not fixed. How is anyone else managing/adding contacts? Unless I am overlooking something.
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    I've been sending similar feedback to Apple since iPhone OS 2. When they started calling iOS based hardware "post-PC" this particular issue became more glaring.

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