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Nov 25, 2015
iOS 14 introduces changes for the Home app including an overview section at the top of the home screen. They include small icons that you can tap.


Tapping the "x Lights On" or "x Power Point On" icons will actually turn ALL of them off. I have not found any way to exclude lights or power point from that action, and that is a problem.

I have devices that always need to be on. For example, the heating systems of the house is connected via a power point switch. It's always turned on and and only turned off via an automation (when a water leak sensor detects water). I have a similar setup with my washing machine and dryer. I don't want someone tapping this "x Power Point On" button before going to bed thinking it will not impact the heater or the washer that is running...
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Apr 21, 2012
Long press on the device, tap the cog (settings) button. Tap Status. Toggle ‘Include in home status’

That should do it. But I would test it.
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