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Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by kr11048, Oct 14, 2011.

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    Sep 14, 2010
    So I opened iBooks, I could see my collection of about a hundred books, but after 5 seconds, they all just disappeared...gone...poof. Music--also gone. Apparently when I originally bought this iPad, I synced it with a different computer. That computer has since been stolen. Even though I've been syncing with a new computer, when I upgraded to IOS5, it wanted to sync to the old computer and when it didn't find it, it decided to erase all my data. Music, books, Pages documents etc.
    Now I am sorting through, wondering what can be rescued from the backup it made before upgrading (not much apparently).
    Also this new Newstand app is great. It makes my New Yorker subscription crash even better than it used to (yes I updated to a supposedly IOS5 friendly version). Now I get a splash screen that says "The New Yorker" for my $59 and am promptly shuffled back to my home screen. Do the stupid testers for these apps not even bother to start them up to see if they work at all?
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    If you have set up your iCloud account all your purchases should be available for re-download. Some of it is a little confusing, you just have to check you are signed into the accounts.
    Make sure you iTunes is updated. Once you do this open up Preference go to the Store tab and make sure all the boxes are ticked then sign into the iTunes store in iTunes and all of your purchases are all there on the right-hand side under Purchased.

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