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    Does anyone else have a problem with iOS5 mis-sorting photos? On my iPhone 4 with iOS4, all photos were sorted by date-taken EXIF data. Now, upon upgrading to iOS5, my iPhone 4S and iPad 2 both reflect sorting based upon alphanumeric titling, and it's unmanipulable on the devices themselves or in iTunes. I presume this is a bug. Anyone else have the same issue and know how to resolve it? This is particularly irritating :mad: in that there should be an option for users to choose what sorting method they would prefer for their photo albums. Now I can't find anything at all, and I should not have to go back and rename all of my 14,000 photos due to this presumed bug.

    As a workaround, can anyone recommend a good replacement iPhone photos app that allows custom sorting and that either A) reads all the photos from your existing default iPhone Photos app and allows you to sort and create your own albums, or conversely, B) allows customized WIFI or USB sync'ing directly from your computer and still allows you to sort the way you wish?

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    Apple, do you hear us?

    Yeah, they should fix this in an update hopefully. I've also discovered that when you take photos using the shutter button, all photos taken in like manner are upside-down upon import to computer. I'm using a PC, but that shouldn't matter. True enough, I can flip them vertically or rotate them, etc., but a) I shouldn't have to do that, and b) this appears to have no effect on the actual photos as their thumbnail and the actual photo preserve their original attributes even though you resync! :mad::mad::mad:!!!!
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    That is actually a Windows problem (all versions even up through 7 SP1). Microsoft's stock JPEG handler doesn't process the EXIF flag that tells it if a photo was taken in a different orientation than normal. So that affects not only Windows Explorer but also the built-in Preview app, media center, etc.

    The Mac and most proper photo programs on the PC do understand and act on that flag, such that when you open such a photo it will be automatically rotated into the correct position.

    Why MS refuses to fix this is beyond me--maybe they're saving it for Windows 8. In any case, I came across a piece of commercial ($15) software that replaces the built-in JPEG codec with one that will honor the EXIF orientation data (among other things). I posted about my experience with it in this thread:

    I am not aware of any other solutions to this problem (I doubt Apple will do anything about it since it's technically Microsoft's fault), but if anyone finds one please post about it.
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    OK but what about all the other issues with the photo gallery syncing in alphanumeric format rather than by EXIF data like it did in iOS4 and previous? In your experience, does this software you're recommending fix that?
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    Not sure but I highly doubt it. I'm not truly "syncing" photos from my iPhone now--just using Photostream to get them onto a PC and then sorting them off from there.

    My post was only addressing the problem with photos being upside-down on a PC when they were taken via the volume button.
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    Photos App Replacement Recommendation

    Photo Shack Pro is a good "Photos" app replacement for the iPad. It runs off of you existing "Photos" library, so you don't end-up duplicating photos or creating private photo libraries other apps can't get to. It also allows you to sort by EXIF Date or Photo Title. Photo Titles and Comments can be imported directly from your Photos' EXIF, TIFF, or IPTC data. Lots of other cool features too. It's on the App Store.
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    Hmmmm....thanks, but anything for the iPHONE though? That's what I have with me all the time...

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