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    It seems that iOS 6 for atv will be a let down
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    Not withstanding an app store, AppleTV has reached a near sweetspot for me. I love that they can add live tv (iTunes Festival) and that iCloud is built in. These just need to be explored further.

    Imagine more Apple produced live content being added to your home screen. I'd like to see News apps appear. A CNN or CNBC app would finally -- after 6 years of cutting the cord -- fill in the remaining hole I have in my TV watching habits.

    What we know is that iOS 6 is enabling rearranging apps on the homescreen, a move they made with iOS just before they introduced the app store so one can hope it's coming soon (October iPad mini + AppleTV event?).

    Another iOS6 feature is AirPlay to other speakers from AppleTV. This used to be possible on the first generation but it lost that functionality with ATV2. Another lost function was the at the time recently added iTunes Extras. It was (and still is) possible to view iTunes Extras on AppleTV. The AppleTV 2 lost that function. It's overdue to be added (according to Steve Jobs and more recently Tim Cook).


    There's also an -- at first odd -- rumour that iOS6 might be adding iBooks. Why would somebody want to read a book on their TV? It's not for reading books. Some eBooks are more interactive multimedia packages that would look great on a tv. It's speculated that this new app would target the AppleTV at the classroom. Makes perfect sense.


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