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Nov 9, 2010
Poelkapelle, Belgium

A few days ago my gf noticed that the storage of her iPhone 5s with was full. I checked the storage info and then I saw 0 bytes available. This is really weird since she does not have a lot of apps and the storage info screen does not show any app that has more than 100MB.

When rebooting the iPhone, the storage increases in the first 5 minutes from 0 bytes to about 1,2 GB. However, at some point, the storage drops to 0 bytes again.

Did anyone else encounter this issue? Or does someone have any idea what may cause this behaviour?

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Oct 23, 2013
Florence, AL
iOS8.1.2 - Storage full (Bug?)

For us it really as a big issue. It is impossible to take photos, the phone app does not remember recent calls, some apps crash at startup, ...

Something is taking all that space. Have you connected to iTunes and checked to see how much space "Other" is taking up? You might want to restore the phone as new. Not from a back up. You can still get the important stuff from iCloud.

You could try restoring from an iTunes back up first I suppose. Might be ok.
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