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    The Apple Airport networks document says that fixed IP addresses should be in the following ranges: to to to

    Is adhereing to the above ranges a necessity? I've added an MBP and Time Capsule to my previous all PC network. The TC is replacing an older Linksys WiFi router. My fixed IP addresses are in the range of to The above .200 addresses are easy to change, but changing 192.168.2.xxx to 192.168.1.xxx would be a bit time consuming and would have to be done in the proper sequence, so I want to be sure it's needed.

    Via LAN and WiFi, internet access is okay, pinging works in all directions, my two LAN printers work, but file sharing and Mac to PC/PC to Mac access rarely works. Even forcing connections through Finder is iffy, at best. All network and sharing settings are set up properly. The only thing left is this apparent IP address restriction, but is it really an issue?


    After days of frustration with this, I finally changed my entire network to conform the default Time Caspsule IP address of, and subsequent range of to The result is that the share problems are resolved, and the wired LAN is solid. So, my experience is that Apple's recommended IP address ranges should be used.
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    Using 192.168.2.x is fine. As long as you use something in the private address space, it won't make a difference. What type of file sharing are you having problems with? The automatic discovery of LAN computers in Finder is always "iffy", so I wouldn't say there's a problem just because things aren't showing up there.
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    The problem is that even if other PCs show up in Finder shares, a connection can't be made either way, even though the Mac also shows up on the PC network connections. In fact the MBP can't even connect to itself through the share. On the odd occasion, everything works for a brief time.

    Update. Even though I've made no changes, I can now connect to both PCs through the Finder forced connection. Also, connections to both Laser printers' setup servers have been constantly 100% reliable, so it has to be a Mac to PC thing. One PC is running XP Pro, and the other is running 64 bit Vista. I also have an older HP laptop that has the same issues. As I said, the network is solid at the IP level.
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    I use at home without issue using two AEBS units and a Cisco ASA. I'm thinking there was another culprit somewhere that was fixed during your changes.

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