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Discussion in 'macOS' started by homerjward, Jun 11, 2005.

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    in a couple of weeks i'm going to need to transfer about 25gigs of stuff from my mac to a pc and my mac has 10/100 enet so i'd rather not use that. (not sure about my pc's NIC but it'd be bottlenecked by the mac anyway lol) i've read about firewire target disk mode and IP over firewire but i'm sort of confused about it. can i boot my mac into firewire target disk mode and access it from a pc running windows xp pro service pack 2? i know it can boot into firewire target disk mode since i checked apple's compatibility list for that. i read that IP over firewire basically allows two firewire-enabled computers to be networked as if it were being done over ethernet, but beyond that i have no idea. i checked edesignuk's sticky on networking windows and os x but it didn't mention anyhting about firewire. any ideas about either of these things? i suppose i could do it with 10/100 enet and like pop in a movie or something :D but it'd be kind of nice to get it done quickly...
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    I did IP over FireWire with my iMac and an XP PC. You don't need to boot into target disk mode. It's possibly to network them like you would do with Ethernet. On your Mac, just go into System Preferences and select "Network". Then you can configure a new FireWire connection. I don't use the PC anymore, so I cannot look what you have to do there, but it can't be too hard, because I couldn't have done it otherwise. Perhaps someone else could post a more detailed instruction.
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    I also did this to transfer some really large video files between my old video-editing PC and my Power Mac G5. Unfortunately, I can't give detailed instructions either, but it wasn't particularly hard. After networking the two computers over Firewire, I turned FTP on on the Mac and used FileZilla on the PC to FTP into the Mac and transfer the files. It worked great, and was quite fast.

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