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Oct 19, 2014
Does anyone else have the experience of distorted or otherwise harsh sounds from the speakers when typing with keyboard clicks enabled? It almost sounds as if the speakers are receiving too much power and they get distorted on my new iPhone 13 Pro Max. If yes, have people found a volume setting that seems to make more sense? I do tend to like the feedback from clicking the key with the system sound.


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Sep 19, 2021
i got the same thing, i switched it on and off in settings and that seems to have fixed it for me.


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Oct 21, 2021
guys, here it is

i got my iphone 12 in october 4th, and i realized this issue almost 2 weeks after that

at first i thought it was a just a bug and it would stop after a while but it didn’t

so i started searching for a way to fix it

and the conclusion that i have is that- there’s no way to fix it ? you have to accept and move you

i tried to fix this issue at home, i called apple support and they tried to help me but nothing worked (the last two guys i talked to told me to go to an apple store or to an AASP to get help and to try a restoration before that

I tried to restore my iphone twice through itunes (1st with the backup and 2nd without, but the 2nd time my phone wasn’t able to finish that (???) it crashed in that screen with loading bar and apple logo, then after 3 hours i gave up, so i tried to just restart my device and i didn’t work cause it got stuck in DFU mode

it leaded me to AASP anyway, i left my iphone there to a restoration and for them to check the sound issue

they told me they fixed but when i arrived to pick up my iphone it wasn’t actually fixed ? the issue is actually kinda of difficult to realized (i realized only after 2 weeks after i bought it so i don’t blame them)

when i told them that it wasn’t fixed they took my device again to check it, they notice the problem and they tried to find out what was that about and tried to fix it, but they couldn’t

they even took their own iphone to compare and their iphone was normal, it was a iphone 11, so they took another iphone 12 that was there to compare and it had the same problem, I said that this problem happened in another models and not only in the 12, so it wasn’t related to the model of the device

but they told me there’s no way to fix it

they offered to change the back of the iphone and see if it would work, but it would take more time and as they weren't sure if the problem was going to be solved and i didn’t know if the warranty was going to cover that repair I didn't want to

cause i really need my phone to work and study, and none of the people i “know” that have or had the same issue managed to fix this problem

they couldn’t exchange my device for a new one too, cause it doesn’t fit into apple warranty

this is very sad and frustrating

they don’t really know what is this about, what it causing this and most important- how to fix it

but that’s it guys, i’ll need to accept and move on as i said before, i just turned off the click and lock sounds and i’ll have to keep it like this

this iphone was expensive and i literally bought it less then one month ago

i advice everyone that is going through this problem to do the same thing, cause the stress is not worth since there’s no way to solve this

hope you guys are ok ❤️
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