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Feb 20, 2009

I got the iPad since it came out but after few years my father asked my if I wanted it anymore and I ended up giving it to him since I rarely use it.

My dad's usage is for checking Youtube, websites, twitter, facebook, instagram and flickr.

He's been having many issues with the device which includes crashing apps, lagging while opening apps, websites and even photos.

Recently I've been noticing many apps started to crash on start up like facebook and flickr. I would enter the app and it will work for few sec and crashes.

I updated the apps to the latest update available but the issue keeps recurring.

I have the first generation iPad 32GB 3G+WIFI with OS 5.1 (the last available update for iPad 1) and it's jailbroken.

Not sure if this info will help or not but my dad's photos library have over 20,000 photos, the device still got 7GB free.

I truly need your advice.

Thanks in advance.


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Jun 11, 2013
i had the same experience too..i already tried updating the IOS, but sometimes it still crash down esp. on the facebook apps.


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Jan 5, 2011
Step 1, restore to factory.
Step 2, reinstall only the required apps
Step 3, disable multi-tasking gestures and as many notification center items as possible.
Step 4, regularly clear the cookies and data from Safari.

Doing this can keep the iPad 1 usable but it will still have trouble with some tasks like loading books or running multiple apps at the same time. I tried jailbreaking once but that didn't help the speed at all.
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