iPad 1 - Need a Printer Set-Up

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    Jul 15, 2011
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    Hi Everyone,

    My grandmother has an iPad 1 and she recently purchased Pages. She is wanting to type just a few documents and be able to print them. I know there is a way to print directly from Pages but whenever I try to locate a printer, it isn't able to find it. I figure my only option is to buy her a new printer.

    She will really only use a printer and copy machine so if I can get a combo print/copy machine it is exaclty what I am looking for. Does anyone know of any cheap printer/copy machines ? She wont use it very often so she is looking for a cheap set up.

    It just so happens today is her birthday and my uncle is going to have me pick her up one from best buy on my way home.

    What is the name of the printer that she will be able to print straight from pages with ? Will it hook up with no problems ?

    Thanks for Reading and I hope to read posts ASAP,

    :apple: CM :apple:
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    I purchased a HP D110 all-in-one printer, scanner and copier for $69 that works with AirPrint on the iPad. You can communicate directly, using WiFi, from the iPad to the printer and it only requires a power cord from the wall to the printer.

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