iPad 1 purchasing question?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by magtronix, Jul 27, 2011.

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    Jul 26, 2011
    I'm looking to buy a first-gen iPad with 64gb and AT&T 3G. I'm looking to buy off of craigslist and there is a lot of price disparity out there. Can someone tell me what I would expect to pay for one in great condition? Thanks in advance!
  2. spacepower7, Jul 27, 2011
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    Check the selling prices on eBay for a real world selling price. Craiglist is full of scams.

    On craiglist, buy locally, and in person, or prepared to get ripped off.

    Also check apple and AT&T refurbished prices, which include 1 year warranty.
  3. Young Spade macrumors 68020

    Mar 31, 2011
    Tallahassee, Florida
    ^That. If you can, just get it from eBay or something.

    But if you're going to order from Craigslist, MAKE SURE it's a local pickup and you actually use the machine to make sure it works right (including inserting a SIM on the spot) before you pay.

    If you don't take precautions, it could be something wrong with it or you end up sending money through Paypal or something and never hear from them.

    I recently tried to sell my MB to someone; for some reason he couldn't send payment from his bank through Paypal (I should have just stopped there) but I ended up driving 2 hours down to his town, waiting for 3 hours, and him never showing and completely dropping the deal.

    I mean, it sucked, but most of all it was a whole tank of gas. Make sure it's somewhere close to you, in broad daylight, and bring someone if you can.

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