Ipad 12w Charger for Iphone XS


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Jul 19, 2008
Miami, FL
Hello, I should be receving my Iphone XS tomorrow and had a question about chargers. From research I understand the USB-C is the fastest way to charge but I have so many lightning to USB cables already I don't see the benefit in having to buy USB-C to lightning cables when you can get similar charging speeds using a 12w charger.

My question is what 3rd party chargers will give me the equivalent to an Ipad 12w charging speed? For instance will this Anker charger give me the same type of charge as an Ipad 12w?


Or is it just better to buy the Ipad 12w charger to get faster charger than the regular 5w charger?


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Jul 22, 2008
Edit: NVM, I'm an idiot (for this moment anyway)...see below.

Edit 2: Key point to make note of..."There's only about a 10 percent difference between the 12W iPad charger and USB-C charging"
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