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Oct 17, 2021
I just got my hands on the new iPad M4 and it’s awesome. Something I did notice is that when hooked it up to a 45 watt charger is that the iPad got pretty warm, probably a good 35 C. I read in the Apple documentation that you should not use the iPad in an environment that is above 35C otherwise it could permanently damage the battery. Although I think You can use the iPad when it’s hot outside. I do believe that the lifespan of the battery would become shorter over time when you get it above 35 C many times. On my previous iPhone I used a wireless charger and every morning when I picked up the phone, it was warm. after a while, I noticed that the battery condition has dropped significantly. So long story short what charger do you guys use to charge your iPad and does your iPad get warm or does it stay cool?

At the moment, I am charging it with an old apple charging brick that delivers 12 W and the iPad stays perfectly cool.
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