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    My iPad 3g screen stopped working just like that one fine day. For many days it could not even be recognized by iTunes and hard reset/DFU did not work. I took it to Apple store and they said it was dead and gave me the option to recycle it.

    Fast forward 3 weeks and I decided to try plugging it back into my MBP. Like coming out of coma, the iPad got recognized by iTunes but could not proceed because of locked screen. So, finally I got into DFU, downloaded and updated the OS, with the screen being still blank.

    I will take it to the Apple store tomorrow to show that it still has some signs of life.

    I have been researching online and I think I am ready to replace the screen.
    But I dont know what exactly to replace: The front panel Assembly including the digitizer OR the LCD itself (or both?)

    Does anyone know or have experienced this?


    Since my kids use this (as I already have the iPad 3), I need to either fix this quickly or seriously consider getting the nexus 7 (I will get the iPad Mini, but that I dont want to give it to them :))
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    After much research online, I found out that the issue I was having was that that the backlight was not working which required that the LCD be replaced.
    Cost of LCD part varies between $60-$100 and can take a couple of hours to do it right.
    I found a place locally who did it for $120 including parts and labor.

    And it works fine now.

    Hope this helps someone.

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