iPad 1st Gen: Touch Screen Partially Works

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    Nov 24, 2012
    I bought an iPad 1st Gen off of eBay a while ago, knowing that it has an issue with the touch screen. The top 1/3 of the screen does not respond to touch at all, nor do the sides close to the edge of the screen respond either. Everywhere else, the iPad works fine. I bought it assuming it would be a simple fix. Guess I was wrong. The screen and battery are new (the previous owner attempted to fix it himself), I tried restoring it, and even upgraded it to the latest iOS firmware it can support.

    I did a bit of google searching and I didn't find any steps that I didn't try as of yet. I need this thing mainly for iOS dev, and that's it. Also, it was $100 USD, and busted ones were selling for more, so I jumped on it. Anyone else have any ideas? Thanks.

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    Sell it for a profit and buy a working one? I had an HP TouchPad that had a similar problem and they wound up replacing the digitizer (I. E. Front panel) to remedy it. If that didn't work for him, it's probably not going to be a DIY fix and won't be worth getting repaired.

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