iPad 2 - 18 Different Versions!

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Tones2, Mar 12, 2011.

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    Jan 8, 2009
    I waited in line yesterday at Best Buy who indicated they had every variation of the iPad 2 in stock. I was 9th in line and wanted a 3G 64GB Black AT&T, so I felt pretty confident that I recived. Well after 3 hours when they started handing out the ticket there was MASS confusion on the employess of Best But part because of the number of different models. It was a complete mess really. It wound up that they had 17 of the 18 versions but it took them a while to figure that out - the only one they never got it was of course the one that I wanted. Jeez.

    The problem is that there were too many variations of iPad 2 sold on the first day. The iPad 2 has 18 variations whereas the iPad 1 only had 6. So retail stores have no or very low stock on each version. Apple should have maybe staggered the whte vs black releases by a week at least. That would have at least cut it down to 9 on the first day. I don't mind waiting a week then waiting in line knowing that I would get one, as opposed to standing in line for 3 hours and not getting one because of the low level of volume that have for each of 18 models. Crazy really.

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    As long as the White one came out first otherwise everyone would be like "the white iPad is never coming just like the iPhone 4" and we would have to hear all of that complaining haha

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