iPad 2 and Find My iPad Question.

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    Hello there,

    My housemate has an iPad 2 (WiFi only model) and after upgrading to iOS 8 the touch screen completely failed.

    I did a Factory Restore in iTunes to iOS 8.0.2 to see if that'd combat the problem, but it didn't.

    So he's sent it off to be repaired using his insurance he's got as part of his repayment program and they've emailed him back saying they are unable to proceed as "Find my iPad" hasn't been disabled.

    HOWEVER when I performed the Factory Restore last week the usual dialog box in iTunes alerting the user when this function is enabled wasn't there. If that'd been the case I would have told him to turn it off using iCloud.com.

    We've logged into iCloud.com to try and erase the device that way but it only shows his iPhone...

    So I've said he can't have turned on "Find my iPad" and what they've said is incorrect.

    Is there anything he can do to disable it at all from our end? When the iPad was sent off to the repairers it was switched off (but on the initial setup screen.)

    Many thanks!
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