iPad 2 and the Dead Pixel

Discussion in 'iPad' started by iPhone1, Mar 18, 2011.

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    I have a dead pixel right in the middle of my screen. Thought it was dirt at first but no amount of cleaning fixed it. It almost looks like a speck of dust got under the screen. Dead pixel wasn't there yesterday. Looks like I'll be returning this one as I'm sure they do not have replacements in stock even if it did meet replacement criteria. No way I'm living with it. It was good while it lasted. :(

    UPDATE: Made an appointment at the Genius Bar and was dreading having to return my iPad. Genius immediately agreed it was a dead pixel (she rocked!) and told me they have new iPad's for replacements. She also mentioned that they received all models of iPad's in a shipment that morning. Anyway, she had 2 replacements in stock and went back to get one for me. Walked out with a new iPad 2. If you're worried about Apple not having replacements, worry not. Their replacement stock has nothing to do with retail stock. Be warned: if you decide to take the replacement, you cannot get a refund if you're still within your 14-day refund window. You can still get it replaced under AppleCare if you have further issues but cannot return it for a refund.
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    I made a thread earlier today about replacements.. apparently the stores keep aside some stock of ipads just for returns. I made a genius appointment and hope to get another one cause mine had dead pixels also.

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